Kids Soft-Play Area

soft-play area

Adventures Start Here!

At Coffee ‘n’ Kidz, we have a large room right next to our food and drinks area that is a custom made soft-play area which has been designed to give your children an amazing adventure. Spread over 3 levels and 2 zones, this area contains ball pits full of brightly coloured balls, slides from small 1 level ones to a large all 3 level tunnel slide. Talking of tunnels, there are parts of the playground that are like a smugglers cave leading to rope bridges and passage ways that will make your child believe there are on an ancient treasure hunt.

Hours of fun
Soft Football

The Frog Zone

For children ages 5 to 12 there is the “Frog Zone”, this area contains the larger slides, rope bridges, and tunnels is spread over 3 levels. It also features the larger of our 2 ball pits where they can submerge themselves in bright colourful balls. We also have our “Soft Football” pitch which is a totally padded area for them to kick balls and run about. Then when they find their way to the top level, they will think they have become the king of the castle.

The Tadpole Zone

For toddlers up to 5 years old, we have the “Tadpole Zone”. A smaller area away from the larger children where the little ones can explore and play. This area has its own slide, ball pit and tumble mats and is all on the same level. We do recommend that children under 3 are supervised by their parents at all times and they should only use the facility at quieter times.

Toddlers area
Play Room

Toddlers Room

We have a special soft play area just for the little ones, where they can play and explore away from the larger kids. This room can also be booked on an hourly or daily basis for private events such as baby yoga, toddlers stories, art classes, cake decorating etc etc. Ask a member of staff for more details.

There's More..

We also have a wide range of arcade style machines, including toy grabbers and pool table to keep both the children and the adults entertained. With more attractions being added all the time..

Pool Table
Bruce the bear

It’s Party Time!

At Coffee ‘n’ Kidz, it’s party time all year round!
Whether it’s a special birthday party, an end of term treat or an unforgettable outing with a group of friends, there simply isn’t anywhere better to be.

In our specially designed party room we can cater for up to 30 children (for bigger groups please ask a member of staff), music, fun and not forgetting we also throw in one of the area’s most exciting adventure play frames.